I am a 29 year old from the sunny island of Singapore. I am a statistician by profession, but I have been trading stocks and Forex on a part...

About Me

I am a 29 year old from the sunny island of Singapore. I am a statistician by profession, but I have been trading stocks and Forex on a part time basis since the age of 21.

I am not a rich or prominent trader, yet. What I do have is the passion for trading and the determination to see my years of learning and practice translated into growth in my trading account.

My trading style is influenced by the likes of techno-fundamentalists including Mark Minervini, William O'Neil, Jesse Stine and Stan Weinstein.

My Story

In my first year of university, I joined a camp for a trading club. During the camp, the seniors introduced trading to us and highlight their trading successes despite their young age. I was instantly drawn to the prospect of getting massive financial gains via trading.

I started paper trading soon after and was largely successful despite having no knowledge trading at all. But I did not realise that anyone could do it too with just a little luck with the strong bull market in 2007. Upon reaching the age of 21, I opened a live trading account and started trading. The 2008 financial crisis came and I lost it all.

Over the years I researched and tested out numerous trading methods. From instinct trading (trading without a clue), discounted cashflow valuation, harmonics trading to technical analysis, I have spent countless hours learning these methods and implementing them with mixed successes.

I was first exposed to the concept of trading fundamentally strong stock at new high prices in Nicholas Darvas' "How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market" and this trading style resonated with me. There are several successful traders with similar trading philosophy. I tried to read as many of their books as possible and this has been my main trading style ever since.

Why Did I Start the Trader Diaries

I wanted to have a platform to keep myself accountable to my trades and analysis and at the same time help new and experienced traders by sharing the trading lessons from books and trades. Just like how you do not lie to your diary, I will be as transparent as I can on this blog. I will be sharing my learning, strategies and profits and losses all on this blog. My aim is definitely not to show off, for I am not even consistently profitable to be sure that I will have profitable years ahead.

And since I am not a "trading guru", you can be sure that you will not see long sales page on this blog for a 'earn one million dollars a year with just 15 minutes a day' course. Having been through strings of losing years, I understand that trading takes a lot of hard work and an e-book or course will not turn a new trader into a profitable trader in just a matter of days or weeks. I can share my analysis and lessons, but you will have to develop your own trading style to make use of the information provided on this blog.

The wise learn from the experience of others, the unwise only from their own.

I am more than willing to be the unwise sharing both my good and bad experiences on this blog so that you, my wise readers, can learn from my costly mistakes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you on the blog sometime soon!

You can also follow me on my Twitter and Stocktwits for more up to date mini rants or just to say hi!


  1. Thanks for your efforts. Sam ("BuefordTJ" handle on ST)

  2. I have very similar interests and appreciate you putting yourself out there. I've also read the book and had some discourse with Jesse. The book is great contribution to the trading community.

  3. What is your superstock scan criteria?

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