This week, there is no potential superstock of the week. During the technical scan, only one US company made it through the technical scan. ...

Weekly Superstock Scan 5 March - 9 March 2018: Nil

This week, there is no potential superstock of the week. During the technical scan, only one US company made it through the technical scan. The company is ProPhase Labs, Inc. However, the fundamentals was not good enough, i.e. it has a year-on-year EPS fall.

It has been quite a long time since I updated something other than my weekly superstock of the week report, maybe it's time to update what will be going on with superstock and other components of trading this year.

1) Superstock

I realised I have not had a round up of all my picks that I had in 2017. Meaning that among all the superstocks that I posted in 2017, how many were profitable based on my strategy and how much would my profit in based on an equal weight strategy.

I am also interested in conducting a study on my superstock picks to investigate the drivers of superstocks, meaning factors are most important in determining whether a potential superstock will turn up to be a loser, winner or multibagger. I am also interested to find out if by buying a potential superstock based on technicals alone is a profitable strategy.

 2) Daytrading

In the past few months I have been binge reading Al Brook's three books on price action. Daytrading was the main contributor to a losing year in 2017 mostly because I was unprepared. I would want to give daytrading another chance because it makes (and loses) money fast and I am way behind on my retirement plans.

What I intend to do this year was to study Al Brook's book extensively (at least twice per book) and I am looking at signing up for a day trader course by the end of the year. In the meantime, I will paper trade based on the strategies I learnt from the books and course.

3) Cryptocurrency

This was my new venture since the end of last year when cryptos are really hot. After a strong surge and a pullback, cryptos have been relatively stable in the past few weeks. This component is a low maintenance component for me as I am choosing the cryptocurrencies to invest in based on a newsletter subscription.

4) Forex

I expected this to be my bread and butter strategy. After months of backtesting, I believed that I have an edge using the strategies I developed. I started to trade the strategies using very small sum of money. In January, I was barely profitable and February was a losing month. I am testing to see if it is a strategy problem or was it an execution problem. I am also waiting to see how the trading using the same strategy will turn out to be in March.

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