This got to be the longest streak of time that I did not manage to find a single potential superstock. The last time I posted on a superstoc...

Weekly Superstock Scan 10 Oct - 14 Oct 2016: Nil

This got to be the longest streak of time that I did not manage to find a single potential superstock. The last time I posted on a superstock was on 18th September on GURE. Including this week, it is the third consecutive week that I did not uncover a potential superstock.

Nobody knows when the next potential superstock may appear. It may be next week, a couple of weeks later or even as far as a month later. I decide to blog today to satisfy my urge to blog, and also despite having no potential superstock, there are a few companies to talk about. The Singapore property stocks also showed some signs of euphoria this week.

US Stocks

The US stock that showed the most potential this week is Goldfield Corp (GV). GV bounced off its 30wMA with approximately two times its average weekly volume. Fundamentally the company is strong as it reports 6 consecutive quarters of EPS growth. On top of that, it has a low PE of 6.23 with a small float of 23 million shares. 

What stopped me from considering GV as a superstock is the sustainability of its earnings growth. Firstly even though it reported year-on-year growth in EPS in the most recent quarter, GV's revenue actually fell and higher profit is due to improved margins. Next, GV's backlog actually fell 25 per cent year on year, potentially signalling further fall in revenue in the coming quarters.

Singapore Stocks

The Singapore superstock scene is interesting this week with a number of stocks having strong breakouts.

The first of it was UPP Holdings Limited (U09.SI), a company engaged in the manufacturing and selling of paper and packaging products. The stock surged strongly with almost 10 times its weekly volume on news that UPP entered into an agreement to acquire shares and notes in Toronto-listed Taiga Building Products Ltd. This agreement would enable UPP to undertake a separate line of business and expand geographically. Nonetheless, UPP by itself does have stagnating earnings and it is unsure if the acquisition will help UPP to achieve growth again.

The property sector is more interesting as we see the trio of Oxley Holdings Ltd (5UX.SI), Chiwayland Interanational Ltd (ACW.SI) and Ying Li International Real Estate (5DM.SI). Oxley's spike can be attributed to its announcement that it launched its first development project in Ireland, which is the largest mixed-use development in Dublin's business districts. For the other two China-based property developers, the cause of the spike is unknown and we will probably see a query from the SGX next week. 


Ying Li International

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  1. What screener do you use to filter out these superstocks?

  2. This has some interesting screeners:

  3. Hi Jay, I use Google finance. Yeah I used marketinout in the past but unfortunately the free version has limited functionalities

  4. Thanks Wilson.

    How do you filter stocks that break out above their 30 WMA?

    Let's continue via email. Here's mine:

  5. Let me know how you screen for the technical criteria.


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