At the end of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark activated the clean slate protocol to J.A.R.V.I.S to destroy all his iron man suits. It was not sure if...

Clean Slate Protocol

At the end of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark activated the clean slate protocol to J.A.R.V.I.S to destroy all his iron man suits. It was not sure if that will be the last we see of Iron Man till he appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultrons again.

Clean Slate Protocol (Photo Credit: Cosmic Samurai)

The reason for bringing this up is that I just activated my own clean slate protocol for this blog. If you have come across this blog before today, you can actually find close to 100 posts related to a wide range of topics including stock analysis, passive income update, seminar and book reviews, personal finance etc. That was after a couple of revamps. Prior to that you can even find a number of posts related to Forex and commodities price action outlook.

“‎The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”
― Bruce Lee

With a lack of focus, it is no surprise that I did not do well in both blogging and trading. 

This time round, instead of doing a revamp like what I did previously, I chose to start with a clean slate.

The new "The Trader Diaries" will contain posts on the following:

1) Weekly Superstock Watchlist

I scan the market weekly for superstocks based on Jesse Stine's book, "Insider Buy Superstock". In this weekly column that I will publish every Sunday or Monday, I will discuss in depth the fundamentals and technicals of a few stocks that I thought could potentially be superstock.

2) Things I learnt from Trading Books 

I have read numerous book related to trading in the past few years. However, I often read these books like storybooks and failed to absorb the lessons I learnt from the books. In the new "The Trader Diaries", after reading books that are related to my trading style, I will list down and discuss the 3-5 lessons that I learnt from the book and how I can apply the concepts in my trading.

This will hopefully help me absorb the concepts of the book better and readers of the blog can pick up these lessons. Of course my reviews will not be a substitute of reading the book as different people will pick up different lessons from the same book.

I may also give my personal opinion on how useful the book is and the topics covered.

3) Race to A Million (Coming Feb 2016)

This is one section that both excites and frightens me. This section will show my every single trade and my progress through the years. This is part of an 'experiment' where I will start from $50,000 Singapore dollar and I will attempt to grow this to a million Singapore Dollar.

I will most probably share all my trades on a Google Sheet that will be posted on this website and provide periodic updates of the progress of the portfolio and the lessons learnt.

Considering my track record, this dream is BIG. Quoting Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”

I do not know when will I ever reach my goal, or if I will ever reach it. Whatever happens, it will be a great lesson for both me and the readers of this blog.

4) Twitter/ Stocktwits

At the same time, I will be giving my Twitter/Stocktwits a clean slate. Due to work, I often have to do my daily scan of stocks on the go. Therefore, Twitter/Stocktwits is the place I post my daily watchlist and my trades. It is also the platform for my mini-rants. Do follow and connect with me on my Twitter for more current updates.

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